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隙間の地形_川のはなし   2021















伝えなくてもいいです  送らなくてもいいです。










Inbetween_Story of a River   2021


This work focuses on the telling of the world of others and the transformation through the transference of the story.

It is a book that can be cut up or recombined and sent in part or in its entirety to others.
It is a project book that, through human intervention, embodies a diffuse narrative that transcends the intentions of the one who utters the words.
The story is also a story about a world that is inevitably invisible.
It is also connected to a related video work.

How are you doing?

Today I'm going to tell you a story about a river.

Please tell it to someone.

You can tell it as it is, or as part of it, as you like.

Put it in the other grey box, and when you send it, put it in the brown box, which is a bit harder.

The book can be broken into pieces with a broken line.

You don't have to tell us.

You don't have to send it.

The black square is also a map to the river.
The story of the river will be transformed.

Mariko ASAI

The Story of a River is a story born over a long period of time, mainly from research in the Norwegian Tromsø region and from conversations with people I came into contact with during my activities in Hokkaido. Based on this story and related drawings and photographs, the artist has created a book project that links the work in book form with video and other media on the website.

Each page of the book has a cut line, which can be rearranged or cut by the recipient. Some (all?) of the pages can be cut out. The system is designed so that the recipient can freely transfer part (or all?) of the book to another person using the enclosed box.
A 28-page book with pages that can be cut out, printed matter that looks like a map, prints that look like thinly-expanded images and a QR code that leads to a letter-like text and a related video work are included in the envelope, and the enclosed envelope for forwarding the book also has a text that makes the recipient's imagination soar. The accompanying transfer envelope is also covered with imaginative text for the transferee.


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