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Filmed by Nao NaKASZAWA,Mariko ASAI

​浅井真理子+インゲ・パニルス  隙間の地形_四つの川のはなし   2021 西会津国際芸術村
Mariko ASAI+Inge PANNEELS   In-between_Four Stories of a River 2021 Nishiaizu Internatiomnal Art Village


人に見える世界ばちいさい その外側の大きな世界に思いをはせる








(川のはなし より)











インゲの話でもなく、私の話でもない ツイードの青いジャケットに光をあてると


The world that people see is tiny Think of the big world outside of it

We talked a lot about the gaps in our perception


I told Inge 'The Story of the River'. It is a story about the world of others that I cannot help but know.


'my blue jacket is by this river

K tells me about the dream she saw about my blue jacket.

I sank into the river and only my jacket remained in her hands.'

(from Story of a river)



A tweed blue jacket has arrived from Inge.

The Tweed River flows through her land.



When I translated the story of the river into English to tell Inge, the story was a little off.

Inge translated the story into her own language. Inge's mother put it into her own language.

The story of the river was gradually transformed into four stories of the river in order to tell it to others.

I would like to look at the landscape through that inevitable gap.

Video 1

川のはなし_雷のように割れて広がる 毛織物の名前の川  

Story of a river_The river with the name of a wool fabric, Splits and stretches into branches like flashes of lightning.  (8min29sec)  

Video 2

川のはなし_Kは、夢で見た私のブルーの上着の話をする 私は川に沈み、上着だけが彼女の手に残った   Story of a river_K tells me about my blue jacket she saw in her dream. I sank into the river, my jacket in her hands.  (6min11sec)

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