Yonder_ Four stories of a valley  at Tomakomai City Museum 2019

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Hokkaido Museum, Ishikawa Museum of Natural histry, Kanazawa Univercity Museum 

four stories of a valley
inbetween_sound and soundMarikoASAI
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yonder_ the four stories of a valley @  INNER JOURNEY   Tomakomai City Museum in Tomakomai, Japan

Tomakomai City Museum is a unique space where the nature science museum and the art museum are in the same building. I created installation with the collection of the nature science museum and the equipment of both museums.

Science museum is also the place for the people to try to see deep into other ones slight. 

The story ‘Four stories of a valley’ lies in the installation as drawings and as a pilot. I wrote one story of a valley in Manndalen, it is about the hole to the other side and something we To reach my story to their Sami language three translation were needed. Three translations changes one story to four stories. We need to accept in that gaps in-between them and I think it shows how the world is.cannot grasp.


The words are drawn with skin glue and the powder of burned birch I used as firewood everyday in Manndalen and mica stone powder near to the bace of mirror stone.

The sounds go out from three object made of animal skins .

あっち_4つの谷の話  @  内なる旅〜物に宿された記憶 苫小牧美術博物館