inbeteen_Sukima no Chikei    at Galleri Fjærstein Manndalen,Norway    2019

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Scandinavia Japan Sasakawa Foundation,

Focused in Sukima  (≓in-between / hole) to see other ones sight. 

The installation are based on  'four stories of a valley’  I wrote at Manndalen. 


I saw one woman at Manndalen.

I am intrested in her language Sami thats why she have it but she usually doesn’t use it, just lunk in her.

I learned it little by little from her but my sound was so far from her sound.


I criateed one story of a valley at Manndalen during my stay.

Three times translation are needed to translate the story from my language Japanese to their language Sami.

Translations changes the story to four stores, I am interested in that gap (in between) of the four stories.


‘To see the big stone falling down in the mountain’ ‘To see the apple core that I ate’

This two is same as for ‘seeing’

I draw just something I saw at a glance.

The lines I draw are  just my ‘visual perception’ before I find meaning .

I leyered the lines free from meanings to see the world I cannot grasp.


I look into the dark place that’s why I cannot grasp.


Here I have been only with the passage of time without the time named ’time’.

I want to see ‘here' through the SUKIMA_in-between of the drawings and stories that I created in this valley.

「4つの谷の話_Four stories of gallery」
















copylight Mariko Asai 2019

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